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1Two features define today's consumers. Firstly, they are constantly on the go, they move from one place to another, and they are always short of time. Secondly, they are still social beings for whom contact with another person plays a key role. Mobile devices which are getting more advanced are meant to meet their needs. They provide an opportunity to remain mobile whilst being able to communicate with others. If we talk about a letter, then it's only an electronic one as you can read it regardless of the place where you are. If we refer to a conversation, then naturally it takes place via a mobile phone because you do not need to stop driving a car. These are the 'plug-ins' to the new world of relationships.

2Effective advertising meets two conditions. Firstly, it accurately targets the audience and reaches it effectively. Secondly, it raises interest of recipients and engages them in a dialog with the brand. Mobile advertising is an answer to these two challenges. It helps you reach the place where are the consumers that are constantly mobile. You do not follow their footsteps but become part of their everyday landscape and even get a peek into their pockets. By using surprising or useful adverts you attract their attention and encourage them to interact. You know well that checking the mobile phone every few minutes is just like a reflex action.

3Mobile advertising is becoming more and more important each day. It is an answer to the need of precise personalising to the target group relating to both the products and the message. Just think if you decide to use the services of a mobile operator that offers the same phone models to all its customers? Do you really read emails starting with words such as "an attractive offer for everyone"? By personalising the message that reaches a mobile phone the consumers feel that they are valued. They know that the message was targeted at them.

4Conversation is the modern market. Only by means of a dialogue with consumers can you fully satisfy them. Firstly, you get to know the preferences of the recipients and create the message in such a way so that it meets their individual preferences. Then, you check the effectiveness of your activities and on the basis of the information that you have gathered you improve your results each time. Take it easy, it's not a sports competition. This is a partnership. This is like playing with the customer in the same team.

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