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'upgrade' [ʌp`greɪd]
translation: improve, make better, raise standard;
also: modernise, making more modern;

Source: The new English – Polish Dictionary, published by PWN Oxford

'Upgrade' is our buzzword.
We constantly follow the newest trends and optimise the effects of our activities. While doing this, we use the latest technological solutions. We permanently strive for improvement and the application of modern technologies helps us meet the challenges of modern marketing and is a recipe for success for the brands which we are working for.

Upgrade Marketing is created by people who can boast a high level of knowledge and passion to perform. The Agency was set up at the initiative of Kazimierz Piekarz who has 19 years of experience in sales and marketing of electronic media. In the past, he worked - among others - for Radio Zet - as a marketing and promotion director as well as for the Advertising Department of the Polish Television - as a director for development of revenues.

We carry out projects in a flexible manner together with the best and reliable partners. We co-operate with the biggest mobile operators, providers of mobile solutions and small creative agencies. By combining a creative approach, the perfect knowledge of the market and new technologies as well as a strong focus on effectiveness of the undertaken activities, we reliably work for the success of your brand.

Upgrade Interactive Marketing

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We are ECO

We use innovative technologies but we never forget about our PLANET! We don't use paper, ink, printers and other materials or devices which are not environment friendly!