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Time for Goodyear
winter tyres


Target Group:
• Men at the age of 25-54, who hold a driving licence and use Internet in their mobile phones, with a higher level of income;
• All men interested in buying winter tyres

Aim of Campaign:
To maximise the awareness of the Goodyear brand and the number of entries onto the WAP competition page

Tools used:
• SMS with advertising content
• WAP link redirecting users to the producer’s mini service
• Dedicated mini service
• Banner campaign in the mobile portal of the Plus mobile network

Within the scope of co-operation with Goodyear - the worldwide leader in production of tyres from the premium segment - we carried out a widespread campaign throughout the autumn season called “Time for winter tyres”. The campaign included mobile SMS and WAP channels. The campaign started with personalised text messages that were sent to more than 80,000 members of the target group. The selection of this particular distribution channel of advertising content was based on the characteristics of the target group. Young professionally active men with a higher level of income more and more often regard a mobile phone as a lifestyle product and they get more interested in the messaging that is conveyed by means of a mobile phone.

Text messages included a call to action which was aimed at encouraging consumers to click on a WAP link and to get redirected to a mini service that was set up for this particular campaign. Concise messaging focused on presenting the benefits of participating in the competition: the possibility to have the costs of tyres reimbursed or receive mobile phones with the total value of 25,000 PLN. Registration in the competition was done by sending a simple text message to a marketing number. The recipient of information could - by clicking on the link - access the dedicated mini service which was optimised to ensure that it could be accessed from a mobile phone by using mobile internet access. It was also possible to access the rules of the competition, the list of winners as well as the information about the product. Additionally, there were animated banners that could be seen on a mobile service of the Plus network.

The results of action came as a surprise to organisers. They positioned the campaign as one of the biggest and the most effective mobile marketing campaigns on the Polish market. Within the period of 15 days there were more than 2.2 million clicks through on the banner placed on the Plus service. The rate of clicks through on the banners exceeded 3% whilst the level of CTR for text messages reached the level of 5.2%.

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