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Personalised SMS
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1You check it when you get up in the morning. And in the evening, when you go to bed. You use it for approximately 80% of time each day. It helps you receive your emails in a car or while on a train. You may find out what’s happening in the world while waiting for an order at a restaurant. You use it also for business purposes: you get in touch with business partners but also you use it for personal purposes: you comment on the photos of your friends posted onto the social networking sites. It is not only a practical multi-tasking device, it’s a lifestyle product. Today the number of people who have a mobile phone (3.5 billion) is nearly three times bigger than the number of computers connected to the internet (1.2 billion)1.

2We live in the culture of nanoseconds. Instead of reading, we scan content. Instead of gossiping, we exchange opinions on Facebook. Instead of talking, we send text messages and MMS. Communication is governed by concise and short messages which can be quickly seen and acted on

3Text messages and MMS serve as a modern method of marketing communication with the target group. The message is considered by the consumers as natural and soft sell advertising. It combines the benefits of mass media and direct mailing. It also provides an opportunity to individualise the offer not only by taking into account the socio-demographic criteria (age, employment status or income). More refined personalisation of content (name, surname, company, town and even the body of the text message) allows the recipient to feel like a VIP. After all, there is someone that creates offers specially for him!

4Messages sent to mobile phones may include text, image, sound and video. They are enhanced by a hyperlink (WAP PUSH) to a web page that is made to be browsed from a mobile device. Multimedia enhance the modern image of a company. They prove that we are up-to-date.

5Text messaging and MMS advertising is characterised by high level of effectiveness (who doesn’t read text messages sent to their mobile phones?), the possibility to measure results (this has been taken care of by mobile operators) and multi-tasking (it meets the need to collect leads and to build loyalty of the existing customers).

1 Source: Mobilemania, Y&R, 2011

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