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1Today’s consumer can successfully evade advertising. The evacuation, however, is not needed if they find value either practical or entertainment in the messages that are conveyed. Every day they use applications which facilitate shopping or inform them about the weather forecast. In their free time they look for interactive games which help them relax. If they get what they look for, then they won’t be discouraged by the logo of the brand in the product that is being downloaded.

2Applications and mobile games serve as an infinite space for marketing activities. They meet the requirements of today’s consumers who - in advertising - look for entertainment and a sense of humour or solutions that make their lives easier.

3Mobile marketing offers infinite possibilities for creating games and applications that can be accessed from mobile phones. They may be connected with the brand - conveying its sporty spirit, relating to the business character of the services that are offered or allowing them to stay connected with health-related issues. They may also form part of the integrated marketing activities which include, at the same time, stationary internet and ATL and BTL activities. The possibilities seem to have no end.

4In marketing communication which uses mobile games and applications one rule prevails: everyone wins. We provide consumers with defined benefits whilst advertising a product. Is this worth it? So far, since the win-win transactions nothing better has been devised in business.

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