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1The era of small shops inevitably came to an end a long time ago. The era of big shops is slowly dying out. The gigabytes shops are fully operational. What is to come in the future? M-commerce. The mobile phone does well as a substitute of a wallet.

2M-commerce is a new way of shopping by using mobile devices, mobile phones in particular. It allows transactions to be done regardless of place and time. It does not require any complex operations as for most of products and services we can pay by sending a text message. A mobile phone or any other mobile devices are with us around the clock. Soon, M-commerce will outplace the electronic trade that is based on stationary internet.

3Consumers trust mobile internet to a large extent. Nearly 2/3 of users of mobile devices declare that they use them to pay, make reservations or shop. The data include operations that are done by means of text messages. To a large extent this is facilitated by a rising popularity of mobile advertising which confirms its high effectiveness. Who doesn’t like to take shortcuts these days? For instance, after receiving an interesting offer on a mobile phone, why not purchase it immediately?

4M-commerce is a convenient solution not only for the seller but also for the buyer. Mobile marketing is a perfect tool that facilitates the development of businesses. SMS informs about the status of the order or confirms that the payment has been made. It is a tool for building loyalty - it allows us to send information about promotions, competitions or special events. Text messages are great at acquiring new customers as the distance between advertising and buying a product is rather short. It is only required to take the phone out of the pocket.

1 Source: Mobile Marketing report, August 2011, Interaktywnie.com

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