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Lead generating
and performance advertising

1Today we approach advertising several hundred times a day. Advertising attacks people not only from TV, radio, printed magazines, email inbox or Internet. It is easier nowadays to name the places where there are no advertisements rather than those where they are present. There is a question mark as far as their effectiveness is concerned whilst sociologists more often talk about the phenomenon of the “advertising blindness”.

2There is a way to ensure that advertising brings expected results at a reasonable budget. Firstly, the way of promotion that is used needs to allow you to reach the consumers in 100%. Imagine that you are in their pocket. You know their lifestyle and preferences. You can call them by the first name and send an offer that meets their preferences. Mobile marketing makes this all possible. But this is only a half of success!

3Secondly, you need to be measured only on the basis of the results. Within the scope of the mobile campaign to generate leads you pay only for the part of the promotional messages which encouraged the consumer to make real decisions (for instance to register in the database of people interested in a given offer, to send a return message to a manufacturer, to participate in a competition or to call the call center).

4By applying the performance model in the marketing communication a new era springs to life. This makes the words relating to the money spent on advertised as wasted totally obsolete. This new model of co-operation between the Agency and the Marketer is becoming more and more popular abroad. Now, also in Poland.

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