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Target Group:
Men at the age of 20-40 with a higher level of income residing in cities of more than 200,000 inhabitants

Aim of Campaign:
To maximise the level of awareness and increase the sports image of the Dunlop brand

Tools used:
• 3D game that could be downloaded onto a mobile phone from a WAP service
• Advertising banners in the WAP service of Wirtualna Polska and on WAP pages of Polkomtel and Orange
• Social media marketing – A Facebook account

Dunlop – one of the leading brands of tyres from the Premium segment - gave us the challenge to plan and carry out a campaign which was aimed at reminding consumers about the sports character of the brand. The campaign was organised under the theme “Feel the road” for the period of 9 days at the beginning of April 2010. The axis of marketing activities was based on a 3D application that was devised for mobile phones. It took the form of a racing game which could be downloaded onto a mobile phone free of charge. Participation in the game equaled the participation in the competition. The participants declared whether they chose the path “I am going to Le Mans” or “I am going to Bemowo” and at the same time expressed their willingness as to whether to participate in a 24 hour Le Mans race in France or a training is an Abarth driving school in Warsaw

All the other actions focused on promoting the game and encouraging consumers to participate in the competition. To make this happen a banner campaign in WAP services of leading providers of mobile services was created including Polkomtel, Orange and Wirtualna Polska. We also set up a Facebook fan page which attracted consumers that were engaged in the interaction with the brand and allowed them to access up-to-date information about the competition. It also helped us build their long-term loyalty. The campaign met its expectations. Within 9 days we reached nearly 11,00 clicks on mobile advertisements and more than 5,500 downloads of the game.

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