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SMS Maneuvers

Sony Computer Entertainment – SonyPlaystation 2

Target Group:
Men at the age of 16-35 interested in computers or electronic games

Aim of Campaign:
To maximise the number of entries and registrations on the web page

Tools used:
Push SMS

For Sony brand, mobile marketing campaign was prepared and completed which complemented one of the promotional actions. The main purpose was to generate traffic on the internet service of the brand as well as to encourage users to complete a registration form and participate in the competition titled Playstation Tactical Maneuvers.

We decided to opt for the “Push SMS” advertising, taking into account the young target group which in essence does not stay away from their mobile phones and is actively interested in novelties in games and new technologies. To carry out the campaign we used an external database of users of mobile phones that met our criteria and which included more than 200,000 entries. The advertising message was to convey the message in a concise manner regarding the action of the leader on the market of computer games. Nothing could possibly encourage young consumers more to participate in the competition than the possibility to win a prize. This is why we included the information about the value of the award in the text message and included a WAP link to a web page which featured a registration form.

The choice of such an information channel proved to be extremely successful. The indicator of reactions which is measured on the basis of the number of entries on the corporate web page exceeded 20%. Throughout the campaign the number of registrations in the internet service was nearly 8 times higher than before the campaign.

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