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1M-internet users break the last remaining barriers. By using mobile phones they play computer games and use mobile applications. They also use emails, browse WAP pages and fill in registration forms. Why? Because this makes life so much easier. Surfing on the internet sounds like a good idea while getting stuck in a boring traffic jam. It also works fine when on a beach, replacing a book or a newspaper. What’s more, for the young generation it also becomes the symbol of being part of a defined social group. Mobile Internet starts to displace its stationary equivalent.

2The first in responding to the increased interest in mobile internet were mobile operators. Their services can be browsed on mobile phones which makes it easier to do the bulk of operations that relate to the services that are offered. Reaction to this trend can also be observed in information services and product pages. Further in the line are the advertising banners.

3Advertising in mobile services has brilliant future. It is a great addition to text messaging adverting and MMS advertising. WAP links provide the consumer with an opportunity to be directly transferred to a mobile service. Or to access a banner by using an internet browser. Nevertheless, the user won’t be attacked with aggressive messaging from all sides. Mobile services rather reasonably use the advertising space. M-internet users may only see 1-2 banners on the screens of their mobile phones. The smaller screen has its benefits. The brand is present there whilst competition not necessarily.

4The mobile service can either be created or can be used for advertising purposes. WAP mini services is a good tool when running a competition. The competition may be advertised by means of an SMS together with a WAP link that redirects users to a simple page where rules of the participation can be found together with the information about the prizes and the list of winners.

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